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Brief story how I became blogger…

First and foremost, Thanks for coming in about me section of  blogs4knowledge  and showing interest in knowing me. Basically, I am a small town boy from Darbhanga(Bihar) and did my schooling from there itself. Post that I moved to Ranchi(Jharkhand) for my graduation. I did financial marketing from St. Xavier’s college Ranchi. 

I could not get better job opportunity, so thought to pursue MBA in order to give a cutting edge to my career. I did my post graduation from Pune Institute of business management, Pune(Maharashtra) This strategy worked for me and I got placed with Bajaj allianz life insurance as Relationship manager.

About me
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Turning point in my life started from here, where i could not find interest in my job, and I firmly believe that if you are not interested in your job profile, you will not succeed. Friends and parents suggested to change job profile, it may work. Yes, I did that. Left job and joined Cengres tiles in their project marketing department. Story remains same and I could not find satisfaction. I always used to think that what I have to do? Am I satisfied? Am I doing which i wanted to do?. I started exploring which work will suit me as per my interest.

I am an avid reader. This time i decided, no more suggestions and will do what my heart says and I must enjoy it. I had always flair for writing and my reading habits helped me to decide that I can turn blogger from marketing professional. Again i explored How to be a successful blogger and came to a conclusion to go for digital marketing certification which may help me to develop my skills and reach you all.

Challenges which I faced… 

It was not easy to quit job and join course. It was a perilous decision to turn your career from traditional marketing to digital marketing. I had to believe in myself first and then next step was convincing my parents for this. The strong point which i felt to put upfront was self financing for my course. I only requested for living expenses for 4 months course and I managed to convince them.

What you will find in my blogs… 

I research the topic and update myself before writing. What i do is pick topic and write with both knowledge and research. I have studied  financial marketing in my graduation and Post graduate diploma in management(PGDM) in Marketing + Finance dual specialization. Post research on topics, I always try to keep it short and simple while posting.

More of it, I have made various categories for my readers. One thing which you need to do is to jump(click) on the category where ever your interest falls and I promise for the value addition in your knowledge as a result.

Life keeps updating with time so this page also get updated.

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“Happy readers encourages blogger to write more and your opinion matters…”

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