English Communication- Self improvement tips

English Communication 

First of all let’s make it clear that English communication has relevance but different from communication skills. English is medium of communicating while communication is expressing your ideas/views clearly which is easily understood by listener. Many of us are good in communication but in our own native language. Have you ever thought why you are weak in spoken English, while you have a great command over communication in your native language. It’s all because of exposure you got since childhood in your native language.

English is a global language 

English language has got global exposure and thus though we are good at communication, We must have to be fluent in English and well versed while speaking. In present corporate scenario. if you need to be successful, you must master English communication. You can consider English as skill. Skill development always boosts your career graph. If you are in a sales job profile or any job profile where you have to interact with client more and more to get business. What will you do if a client is comfortable in English. You must be good in English communication because it has got the global acceptance and If you are well versed in English communication, half the battle is already won and if you don’t, you can’t even start a conversation. So think how it gives an edge to you career.

In this article, I will discuss simple tips which will improve your English skills and 100% with your self effort. You don’t need to spend any bucks with learning centers. You have to do only one thing is to be determined and self confident that you can nail it down.

Self Improvement tips on English communication

Now, you are going to read 5 important self improving tips to get well versed in English. First read them. Make a plan that how you will include it in your daily routine. So without wasting time let’s go deep into it.


english communication grammar
Give a week time to learn basic grammar

#1. Spend week time in learning basic English Grammar

This is important and first step. This must not be ignored anyways. It will help you to know the basics. You will never get confused while speaking. Appropriate usage of “Is, Was, Are” is important. A week time is long enough to get the basics right. Try to learn them out rather than mugging it.

English communication Vocabulary
Daily add 5 new words to your vocabulary


#2. Add words to your vocabulary

Once you are done with your basic grammar. Next step is to increase your word power. You may have noticed at times that you are unable to speak because you find your word power weak while you try to express yourself in English. I am giving you few tricks to increase word power.

  1. Try to know English usage for all words which you use daily. I mean when you wake up and go to bed, there are several words which you use daily. Try to know their English usage.
  2. Know English usage for all the things you see daily. Example-  You have visited to a Zoo with family. You can add words to your vocabulary wherever you are. Just follow surroundings and you will get idea what new you can learn today.
  3. Words you learns daily, You must use it same day, and practice it same day using them. It will enhance your word power and You will be able to shift it in your long term memory.

English communication reading habit


#3. Develop Reading habit which you find interesting 

It may sounds strange, because many people expressed that they do not find time for reading. What you have to do is to read topics of your interest but in English. It will never get you bored and also helps you to find new words which will enhance your word power.

English communication pronunciation
Know correct pronunciation for word you use

#4. Develop habit to know correct pronunciation 

Many times, We face difficulty while pronouncing words. For your help, There are ample of free apps which may help you get the pronunciation of words. The moment you get confused, immediately refer for its correct usage. This will help you building vocabulary with its correct pronunciation.

English communication fear of speaking
Help yourself to get helped

#5. Get out of the fear of  English communication 

This is a noticeable fact that, Many of us show reluctance in speaking English with a fear that other’s will make fun of you. I am not suggesting to speak strictly in English. You may keep a blend with English word’s usage by the time you build confidence and vocabulary. At least use all those words which you learned same day. A time will come when you will have strong vocabulary.  Remember those days of childhood when we try to speak made mistakes but finally got fluent in our native language.


I do not want to keep this article lengthy. Follow above steps with honesty and spare 30 min time for yourself to get helped. These 5 steps could transform your personality in English communication.  I hope this article added value to prepare yourself to get fluent in English communication. Please post comments for any tricks which worked for you.

Good luck.

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  • November 5, 2017 at 8:33 AM

    Very good content on English communication. Self improvement technique is the best method to improve….

  • November 10, 2017 at 2:58 PM

    Hii kumar,
    My english is too weak please publish more article for english learner

    • November 12, 2017 at 11:23 AM

      Sure Dharam and I hope this article has added value for your knowledge on English communication skill.

  • December 5, 2017 at 8:52 AM

    nice article kumar , these skills are really important.


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