Set Your Goals – Quantify Your Efforts

Set your Goals

Many people finds it difficult to set goal for them. I had conversations with college going youth and asked them what are their goals. A surprise fact came out from those conversations that they do not had any specific set goals with them and most of them said, they are studying and will join job after their course. They had no idea about specificity in their goals.

Questions are asked in interviews that “Where do you see yourself 5 or 10 years down the line?

Many of us presents fabricated learned answers. The interviewer wants to know that how much specific you are with your life and align your self with that company’s goals.

Let’s jump in to know, How to set your goals? 

  1. First thing which, I will suggest you all is to introspect yourself. What do you wan’t from your life. What are those things which you wan’t to get by the end of your life.
  2. Do your swot analysis for it. SWOT analysis stands for Strength weakness opportunities and threat. Your strength is the future opportunities and your weaknesses is the threat. It will help you to know yourself and improvement areas to set goals.
  3. Now you are all set to decide your goals.

Set Your Goals but differentiate them

You can not have one goal in your life. People mix it up and ends up no where. Differentiate goals and set time frame for them.

  1. Professional goals – I have to become Doctor/Engineer/Chartered accountant etc in next 5 years. Develop a separate plan and start executing it. 
  2. Personal Goals – 
  3. Everybody have some dreams in their life. Define them here. Analyse what efforts must be taken to achieve that. 

Further, break them more. You must have time frame, which will come later and which will come first.

  1. Long term goals – Put all lists into this which has a longer time frame. Example –  I am a 10 years old and want to become General manager of a company. Of course this will be for longer time frame, so set them accordingly.
  2. Medium term goals – Put all list into this category which has medium time frame. Example –  I am Sales executive in this company and I have to be sales manager in next 5 years. Set them accordingly
  3. Short term goals – Few goals have a very shorter time frame. May be, I want to buy a car of my choice in next 1-2 years. Set them accordingly.

The most important aspect of setting goals is that you will get a purpose for your life and you will work according to that. Yes, your plan may get failed at times. Change your plan but not goals. Plan is just the effort you are taking to achieve your goals. Quantification in goals makes you well composed to achieve the same.

Set your goals


Essentials while you set your goals

You can decide your goals by introspecting yourself but when it comes to how you will drive your goal, there must be some essentials attributes in them. Let me explain them briefly:

  1. Bring specificity in your goals – Be clear with your mind and be specific while deciding your ultimate goal which you wan’t from your life.
  2. Goals must be measurable – You have decided your goals but it must be measurable, so that you can recognize, how much more effort is needed and finally goal has been achieved.
  3. Goal must be achievable – I firmly believe that nothing is impossible but practically while you introspect yourself, you must be practical. Example- I am an Indian citizen and set goal to become US president. Set goals which is achievable.
  4. Relevancy in goal – Higher probability of success, if they have relevancy within them. An engineer do engineering and further entered in to management, finally working as human resource manager. Do you think, this person had set goals while chhosing his career, therefore there is no relevancy which you can draw from it.
  5. Goal must be time bound – Most important point, You must time bound your goals with quantified efforts to achieve the same with in the deadline.  Set a realistic time frame for it.

I can assure you all that if you follow above steps and stick to your goals, Success will be at your door step and you will nail it. Don’t ponder so much and get perplexed in between. Brainstorm before deciding and get adamant after starting. A 3 year old boy can not set goals because he do not have that intelligence to decide that. You can decide goal at any age with practical reference of above explained points. One thing which I would like to mention in the end that only life goals do not makes you successful, few simple goals also improves your life. Example – Improving communication skill, Health goals.

Set Your goals






Good luck for your goals.


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