6 golden tips to be successful in Sales job

Sales job profile has attracted many young pass-out’s to choose sales profession as their career. It is all about honing your skills to sell company’s product/services. This is a noticeable fact that many people give up while pursuing career in sales. Reason being, They say that there is huge pressure and no mental peace at home. Sales is a life blood of any organization selling any product/services. If it gives sales pressure then it also provides an opportunity to get rewarded.

There are few rules which I will discuss in this blog to be followed and get success in in your sales job profile. This must be taken as thumb-rule to be followed to have a great career in sales. So, come let’s discuss those points to get started with sales job profile golden tips.

 #6 golden tips to be successful in Sales job 

Choose product/services of your interest area

#1. Always choose product/Services of your interest area: 

A most important point which is being avoided while joining any organization. People tends to follow salary package at the start of their career and opt for more salary option, ignoring own interest area. Before joining any organization, identify your interest area. Suppose you have an interest in smartphones and you have joined consumer durable for sales. Do you really think that you will get success?

Align your job profile with your choice which will be definitely going to make you “rock-star of sales”. Companies also do need identification through Segmentation targeting and positioning, they know their customers and offers diversity in their product and services. You can match up with their need and offer the same.

Identify need of the prospect

#2. Identify need of your prospect 

I have seen many sales professional saying this point as rubbish. They add point of their thought process that they are being pressurized by company to sell specific services/product. In order to complete their monthly target, they say, they can not consider prospect need.

For few of the cases, this is OK but If you are following regularly, you may fall in danger in terms of your successful career. Try to identify the need of a prospect, match them with your company’s product/service and offer them with the closest suitability. Once you will make realize your customer that you have offered them the best and later on you may get another prospect with help of him. This helps in the long run through out your career.


Ears works better than your mouth

#3. Ear works better than your mouth 

When ever you are on a sales call, specially first sales call, You must keep your ears open. Try to listen and understand what they are trying to say and also try to understand what prospect is not saying. I am taking small example where one sales call failed because of poor listening skills. Few years back, I got an opportunity to pursue 4 month summer internship in sales with Reliance communications. One fine day, I was on a sales call with experienced personnel. In the entire conversation, my senior tried to sell him a high range smartphone elaborating its benefits. Prospect also shown interest to listen but when it comes to sales closure, After 3-4 follow up’s he mentioned in the end that he need basic smartphone for his wife, His wife is not so tech savvy, so he need mid range smartphone for basic usage like what’s app.

I think you all got my point what I was trying to convey. If he had active listening skills from starting, he could have identified his need and closed sale early then happened in the end.


Try to dig prospect rather then digging your self

#4. Try to dig prospect rather than digging yourself

This is inter related with the above point with a little difference. In this step, you must try to understand and observe that which product will find best suitability for your prospects. Don’t sprinkle all your product and service in front of them which makes them confused. Try to dig prospect first, what kind of product he is looking for, at what price range, what would be the preferable choice of color. This is just an example, you may ask relevant questions as per your company’s product and services. Important aspect is to dig your prospect not dig yourself.

Sales funnel ready for better sales

#5. Keep your sales funnel deep and ready 

Being a sales personnel you always meet client’s regularly. Not all prospect is converted all the time and few prospects says they will buy but few months later, few says something else. Your company will never spare you from sales pressure. You have to sell. So always try to encourage yourself by maintaining a sales funnel. This will help you to identify which prospects will be converted when, and which prospects needs more focus.

Sales funnel also helps you to get and present sales projections in sales meeting. If you are better in giving correct sales projections to your reporting manager, it will be key to success. Maintain your funnel in arranged manner because it will be you who will be benefited.

Build your name in the market

#6. Build your name in the market 

Not always but most of the time, It is you from whom prospect turns to customer. Being a sales personnel You have to have make your own name in the market. At the end of financial year, If you don’t have at least 20-30 new client who knows you by your name, then get the point “You are not doing well in sales”. First understand, Whenever any company offers you more salary to join, they are paying you for the client base you have made. You will make a switch in job and get into other company. Your client base you have made will be your bread and butter.

This is another thing if you get failed to complete your target in few months of an year but do remember, if you have good client base with sound sales funnel, definitely it is going to reflect in your successful sales career.

I hope this article, 6 golden tips to be successful in Sales job added value. If you have any valid point which worked for you in your selling style, Please post comment in comment box. Let us know how are we doing and also what good you made in your sales career.

Good luck.

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  • November 5, 2017 at 8:30 AM

    Sales job is very rewarding. Article on this was the need of an hour…….

  • November 16, 2017 at 2:52 AM

    Sales job is really challenging and developing sales skills helps to build great career ahead.


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